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This is the home of the “Responsive Video Light” WordPress plugin. It gives you a wordpress short tag that you can use to embed a Vimeo or YouTube video onto any posts or pages that act responsively with your browser size, which is especially useful when using media queries to change the layout of your content for mobile and tablet browsers.  This is based off some excellent work by Kirsty Burgoine.

Her original plugin (Responsive Video) added some UI to the administrative page/post interface that would be excellent in many situations, but I was really after something far more terse that could be configured from within the short tag itself.

So I forked her plugin and began the process of smashing it to tiny bits, then reassembling those bits in a fashion suitable for my own uses and then going to find some chicken wings to feast upon in triumph. Then I thought other people might want the same thing, so I’m releasing this as it’s own plugin.

Here’s the Official URL:


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    1. Carlos, Thanks for the feedback! Based on the behavior you were seeing, I just rolled out version 1.0.8, which fixes this issue. Let me know if you encounter any other issues!

  1. Your plugin solved all sorts of problems for me – but in the last 10 minutes, all of my vimeo vids are loading very slow or not at all. I need this up for a client in an hour. Any thoughts?

      1. Actually, Jon, it looks like this is a vimeo issue :-( I just went to their own blog

        73 seconds for content to load from Yuck! I hope this doesn’t make you look bad in front of your client.

        Glad my plugin helped you out though!

  2. You are clear that this is for YouTube and Vimeo. It works very well.
    I have a url from a Livestream video and, no go. ForaTV produce some good content. Any workaround? Or any plans to expand supported sources?
    Many thanks,

    1. I figured I’d expand this as I had requests, so you’re first in line :-) I’ll take a look at the way Livestream and ForaTV handle embeds, and check the feasibility of adding support. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Just upgraded to a responsive theme and this is just what I was looking for. Thanks very much for making it work out of the box.

  4. To say thank you is a gross understatement of how I am right now… I’m doing the happy dance… if there was an emoticon for the happy dance, I would be pasting an entire page right now.
    I was up until 6am fighting with stupid youtube embeds on my site… battling between responsive vids, and making the stupid related posts go away. tried a bunch of plug ins, they would work, i’d get excited, then it wouldn’t work on my phone.
    So after a very long night I gave up, grabbed some zzz’s, and got back to it.
    luckily stumbled across this and here we are. Not only does this plug in do exactly what I needed, but the short code is logical and easy to remember, and most importantly, you put the instructions on how to actually short code… right below the basic settings for the plug in…. THANK YOU FOR THAT !!!!!!!
    to put this another way, you plug in is easy, functional, and actually has a great UX. All these other plugs sorta worked, had to hunt for the details on how to implement it, but with this, 5 minutes, done.

    I’m an only child but if I did have a sister, i’d totally let you take her on a date.

    rock on,


    1. This made my day! Oh, and it’s a good thing you don’t have a sister. My wife would probably try to beat her up if we went on a date ;-)

      Very glad this helped you out!

  5. Hey,

    Thanks a bunch for this plugin. I’ve been fighting strangely stretched and shaped videos on my website for a while now. your plugin works as advertised and is very easy to its users.

    Great job

    1. There is not currently a syntax for playlists – however, I think I will add support for that in an upcoming release.

  6. Hi Bill,

    The Responsive Video Light plugin creates an error message when DEBUG mode is activated. The error is related to the has_cap function. This is commonly caused by using a number for the role instead of the name.

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