Responsive Video Light 1.3.x Released

The slew of new features I’ve been wanting to implement have now been implemented.  A major upgrade was just unleashed upon the unsuspecting world, with new YouTube options and a completely reworked settings screen.  I really think you’ll love it, so go download the Responsive Video Light, now with 75% more awesome with no preservatives and half the calories.

5 Replies to “Responsive Video Light 1.3.x Released”

  1. Hi Bill, Love this, but it’s not updated for the latest WordPress version… any chance that will happen soon? Otherwise, I’ll have to disable it. Thanks!

    1. My apologies for the tardy response. For some reason I didn’t receive notification that you’d commented – I’ll have to look into that. I’ve verified that my plugins do in fact work with the latest WordPress, and just yesterday updated the appropriate files to declare compatibility. I appreciate your support!

        1. You are most welcome. As someone born and raised in New Mexico, though not living there now, I implore you to go and and enjoy something with green chile in it on my behalf ;-)

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