PHP Coding Standards

I just became aware of the php-fig coding standards group.  After reviewing their materials, I’m implementing their recommendations in my PHP code from here out.  It will be my subtle act of rebellion against the WordPress coding standards, by the way.  I’d adopted the WordPress standards, but really didn’t much care for a few of them (coders can be a very finicky bunch when it comes to the utility and aesthetic of code), but agree almost wholeheartedly with the group at php-fig.  Their membership includes leaders from a huge number of leading PHP projects (not the least of which are Zend Framework 2 and PEAR), and I’m convinced that they’re on the right path.

For what it’s worth, a coding standard doesn’t affect the functionality of the written code from the end-user’s perspective, so this adoption doesn’t affect you, loyal fans of my plugins and such.

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