Oh, Dang. It’s been how long?

My apologies to the two of you that happen across this blog on the occasion. It’s been a super-busy couple of years. In the time since my last post, I’ve expanded my knowledge into C#, built cool things I can’t show you in PHP (using all the cool toys like Composer) built other cool things I can’t show you in C targeting the AVR and ESP32 microcontroller platforms, and run websites in Magento, WordPress, and a few bespoke app stacks. I also developed an affinity for fountain pens an mechanical watches. The biggest new adventure, however, came personally, as my wife and I became restaurateurs. That, more than anything else, is what caused the blogging to suddenly stop – it takes a lot of time and attention that I would sporadically spend blogging and making the world a better place, one byte at a time.

Next up on the learning curve is Kubernetes, Helm, and Ansible. Oh, and how to make the perfect corned beef sandwich.